Alpvision Residences continues to recommend the Alps as a rewarding holiday destination in the face of climate change.


Alpvision Residences continues to recommend the Alps as a rewarding holiday destination in the face of climate change.

The effects of climate change are revolutionizing tourism in the Alps: Sustainable tourism brings new opportunities for growth in the sector

The European Alps have seen some of the effects of climate change along with much of the world. However, despite this changing climate, tourists are still finding plenty of reasons to visit and spend their holidays in the Alps. Many tourists remark that staying in the Alps guarantees fresh, clean air, cooler temperatures in the summer months, and a chance to experience beautiful natural and wild areas.

Even with fewer skiers vacationing in the Alps in recent years, tourism data indicates that visits to the region are still very high, making the area one of the most-visited places in the world. Between 60 and 80 million people visit the Alps every year, and spend around $50 billion a year, accounting for 10 to 12 percent of the jobs in the area.

In addition to being quiet and aesthetically pleasing, people still flock to the Alps for many activities beyond snow sports. So besides enjoying the Alps as a place of peace and relaxation, there is still plenty to do even in the face of changing climates. Here are some examples:

Sustainable activities at sustainable locations
The great Mont Blanc mountain, the highest mountain in the Alps, offers many natural activities to view and participate in, while still looking out for nature. The Arc 1950 neighborhood in Les Arc is completely car-free and offers a series of biking routes around the area. The site offers over 180 kilometers of marked trails for all ages and abilities.

Also along the French Alps we can find the Dévoluy Massif cave system, a truly dramatic and beautiful underground via ferrata. This climbing route is usually used on mountaintop trails and helps climbers reach difficult areas with a series of dramatic paths lined with ladders, hand-holds, and wires to clip a climbing harness to. A truly inspiring experience for the more adventurous travelers.

And finally, the unmissable village of Zermatt at the foot of one of the most famous mountains in Europe, the Matterhorn, in the Swiss Alps. Beyond the famous and entertaining mountain activities such as cross-country and downhill skiing, this destination offers a multitude of eco-friendly activities. Hiking up to one of Matterhorn’s many alpine lakes or taking a guided tour up sections of the mountain are some examples. Zermatt is unique because it’s the ultimate sustainable town. No combustible engine is allowed near the town, keeping the skies clear to view the mountains. Electric cars and buses get people to where they need to be, making this town a sustainable mountain paradise.

Alpvision Residences, a good option to book a vacation to the French or Swiss Alps
Alpvision Residences has been managing over 500 properties in the French and Swiss Alps for more than 20 years, providing customized vacations to the world’s most beautiful mountains. Alpvision Residences is committed to sustainable tourism, lessening the carbon footprint of international travel. Alpvision destinations feature environmentally-friendly modes of transportation that help lower your carbon footprint while providing a fun way to get around. They partner up with local guides and businesses to promote the local economy and sustain the areas where they operate.

For those tourists dedicated to explore the world in a responsible and sustainable way, Alpvision Residences is the place to book their next holiday to the Alps.

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